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10 Reasons to Hire an Experience Criminal Defense Attorney if Charged with General Reckless Driving in Virginia

You’re in an area of town you don’t normally visit and your GPS tells you to take the next left ahead.  Next thing you know, your out-of-date GPS map didn’t account for the new road changes and you’re directed to make an illegal turn.  You notice the error and put your car in reverse to correct the mistake and then SMASH, you’re in an accident.  If you’ve been charged with general reckless driving, learn why you should hire an experienced attorney to fight for you.

Reason #1

If found guilty of general reckless driving, penalties for a first time offender can include: a minimum 10 day to a maximum 6 month license suspension (a restricted license can be issued by the court during the suspension period but does not apply to a commercial driver’s license); fines and court costs; 6 demerit points against your driving record; a criminal record for a class I misdemeanor.

Reason #2

If alcohol or drug use may have contributed to the general reckless driving charge, the court can impose additional penalties with significant costs, including the requirement to complete the ‘s (VASAP), plus the cost to attend the Program.

Reason #3

Hiring an experienced traffic attorney will give you access to a wealth of legal knowledge that can be useful in beating your charges.  For example, did you know that the Commonwealth must prove that you drove in a reckless manner and the fact that an accident occurred is not evidence that the operation was reckless?

Reason #4

An experienced traffic attorney has the expertise to build legally sound arguments that may get your general reckless driving charges reduced.  If the court is convinced you had only a slight degree of culpability, the reckless driving charge may be reduced to improper driving. which is only a three point traffic infraction, instead of a criminal misdemeanor.

Reason #5

An experienced traffic lawyer provides you with significantly better odds of a positive outcome than if you were to represent yourself.  Simply pleading guilty to quickly resolve your case stops your ability to get your record expunged.  You must be found not guilty or have the charges withdrawn by Commonwealth (nolle prosequi) to be able to submit a petition for a criminal record expungement.

Reason #6

A general reckless driving conviction may have negative impacts on your life. Outside of the judicial penalties handed down by the court, a general reckless driving conviction can result in: limited job opportunities, a potential loss of employment and increased car insurance with a negative impact on your driving record for 11 years.

Reason #7

You will have access to a wealth of legal knowledge that can be useful in beating your charges. For example, did you know that the Commonwealth must prove that you drove in a reckless manner and the fact that an accident occurred is not evidence that the operation was reckless?

Reason #8

Even if you have confidence of your own innocence, it takes an experienced and respected attorney to successfully negotiate with Commonwealth attorneys. Your best line of defense is to contact a local lawyer, as different judges can have varying approaches, especially in areas of the law that allow discretion.

Reason #9

There is no substitute for knowing the law. What are you paying for? To start, a minimum of three years of formal legal education (JD or equivalent), possible internships, successfully pass the state bar, hold varying years of practice and expertise.

Reason #10

The Law Firm of Susan F. Fremit, P.C. makes hiring a traffic attorney simple in Caroline, Culpeper, Fredericksburg, Richmond, Orange, Spotsylvania, and Stafford, Virginia. Simply contact Susan F. Fremit, P.C. now or call (703) 666-9263 or (540) 322-2594 for a free consultation.

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    This is a great post outlining the importance of hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney when charged with reckless driving in Virginia. The consequences of a reckless driving charge can be severe and have a long-lasting impact on one’s life. The post’s information on the potential penalties and the benefits of having an attorney to defend against such charges is valuable. However, I’m curious about how to drop charges against my boyfriend who has been charged with reckless driving. Can you please provide more details on the steps one can take to get charges dropped against their boyfriend?

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