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Visiting Canada with a Weapon or Criminal Record

Have you ever wanted to visit Canada?  Have you considered taking a vacation to Whistler, British Columbia to snowboard the Canadian Rocky Mountains?  Visiting Canada’s national capital to see the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Ontario?  Hopes of enjoying the world’s largest winter carnival in Québec City, Québec?  Here are some tips that were developed from answering […]

Criminal Record Expungements and Pardons in Virginia

In Virginia, a conviction for a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense results in a record for life.  Before pleading guilty and making a decision that will impact the rest of your life, understand you may have options by learning the facts about criminal record expungements and pardons. Fact #1: In Virginia, a conviction for any misdemeanor or felony […]

FAQs on Criminal Record Expungements in Virginia

In Virginia, a criminal record is for life.  In addition to our blog on Criminal Record Expungements and Pardons in Virginia, below you will find answers to common questions asked about an expungement in Virginia. FAQ #1: What is a criminal record expungement? In Virginia, a conviction for any misdemeanor or felony results in a record for life. […]

FAQs on Probation in Virginia

The Virginia criminal justice system can be frustrating for anyone, even those who have some familiarity with the whole process.  As understanding all of the probation requirements can be challenging and difficult, here are some FAQs about probation in Virginia. FAQ #1: What is probation? Probation is an alternative to a jail sentence, which offers […]

FAQs by First Time Offenders in Virginia

Navigating Virginia’s criminal justice system can be overwhelming when it’s your first time. Below are some common FAQs related to the different aspects of the criminal justice system, as asked by those charged with their first crime. FAQ #1: How do you know when you have been criminally charged with a crime? You will be […]

10 Reasons to Hire an Experience Criminal Defense Attorney if Charged with General Reckless Driving in Virginia

You’re in an area of town you don’t normally visit and your GPS tells you to take the next left ahead.  Next thing you know, your out-of-date GPS map didn’t account for the new road changes and you’re directed to make an illegal turn.  You notice the error and put your car in reverse to […]

10 of the Most Common Types of Reckless Driving Charges in Virginia

Reckless driving charges can happen to the best of people with the best of intentions.  It can happen as an accident or even an oversight.  Before you operate a vehicle on a Virginia road, learn the 10 most common types of reckless driving charges in Virginia as convictions will have a negative impact on your […]

10 Reasons to Retain a DUI Lawyer if Charged with DUI/DWI in Virginia

Although the cards may seem stacked against you in a DWI/DUI charge, an experienced criminal defense attorney can employ many methods to aggressively fight for you.  Before considering representing yourself or simply pleading guilty to a DWI or DUI charge in Virginia, below are 10 reason to hire a DUI lawyer to work for you. Reason […]

Pokémon GO Crimes or PokéCrimes Committed by Virginia Trainers

With the recent app release of Pokémon GO in the United States, an increase in PokéCrimes or criminal charges directly stemming from playing the game, have started to surface against Trainers.  Before racing out to the next Poké Stop to lay your lure module or take over a gym, be aware  of some of the legal […]


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